ElarScan A1-KS

Overhead DIN A1+ scanner with 4-segment lighting system and automated cradle.
Available modifications:
ElarScan A1-600KS: 300-800 dpi, optically adjustable;
ElarScan A1-800KS: 400-1000 dpi, optically adjustable

ElarScan A1-KS
ElarScan A1-KS
ElarScan A1-KS
ElarScan A1-KS
ElarScan A1-KS

ElarScan A1 overhead professional scanner is designed for fast and convenient contactless digitization of books, bound and separate documents of various types in any physical state, other objects up to A1+ format, including such applications as

  • Old book editions and vintage originals digitization
  • Museum digital collections creation
  • Scanning of stapled folders and other archival materials
  • Digitization centers equipping


 Highlights & benefits

  • Scanning of any documents and objects  up to DIN A1+
  • ISO-19264-1 quality accordance with optically adjustable resolution in the range of 300-800 dpi for originals from DIN A1 to DIN A4+
  • Pre-processing of images in LiveView mode (real time) – without pre-scanning
  • FreeFrame scanning with up to 20 fragments at once
  • Integrated flat folding glass and reinforced automated cradle witch can be opened for 90, 120 and 180 degrees for scanning any originals  up to 30 cm thick and weighing up to 50 kg
  • Adaptive 4-segment repro-type lighters without IR and UV  and with independent adjustment of each segment
  • The "Anti-Glare" mode for automatic glare eliminating provides the ability to gain the improved image of the glossy or reflecting original in various lighting conditions.
  • Ready-to-use planetary scanning system with integrated computer and   software embedded
  • Scanning solutions based on 30-year experience of streaming digitization.

Adjustable optical resolution

Industrial CMOS cameras with optically adjustable resolution allow the digitization with adjustment for originals of various size, thickness and texture. The scanner provides 300 dpi resolution according to the quality standard ISO-1926451 for full DIN A1 format and ISO 400 dpi for full DIN A2 format. For smaller items and fragments in macro-mode ElarScan A1 provides up to 800 dpi resolution.

Adaptive repro-type lighters with "Anti-glare" mode

The scanner is equipped with an adjustable 4-zone adaptive LED lighting system that does not cause harmful ultraviolet and infrared light and provides equal illumination over the scanning area. The ElarScan A1 illumination system consists of four LED repro-type lighters with independent tilt angle adjustment, allowing to eliminate glare and shadows, as well as to convey the texture of art objects.

In "Anti-glare" mode, the scanner automatically synthesizes the correct image of glossy and reflective original from several scans taken under different lighting conditions, ensuring the elimination of blind areas.

Universal automated cradle

ElarScan A1 is equipped with reinforced automated cradle for working with massive originals up to 30 cm thick and weighing up to 50 kg. Pressing the original to integrated flat  glass is controlled by buttons on the the scanner’s control panel. Book cradle has V-shaped mode with opening angles of 90, 120 and 180 degrees. It is possible to lift the cradle wings independently and to push them apart for the thickness of book fold. Then extended, cradle has a recess for the book binding, which prevents its deformation and damage. All the main structural elements of the cradle are made of metal and designed for long intensive use.


Integrated PC with software

ElarScan is a stand-alone device with an integrated computer. ElarScan users have everything they need to start digitizing immediately after the scanner installation is completed. Electronic images can be saved on the scanner's internal memory, on external USB drive, or transferred to the network via a Gigabit Ethernet interface: to any PC, server, or cloud storage.


"Professional version" of software (option) is the best choice for convenient professional work. It supports a full set of hardware functions and flexible software capabilities, based on many years of experience in mass digitization of documents.

SDI (software for document imaging) “Professional version” (option) includes a wide range of intelligent scanning functions, project and user profile management, image post-processing, including:

  • Pre-processing in LiveView mode. ElarScan performs many imaging operations in LiveView mode - before scanning, including selecting up to 20 areas (fragments) for simultaneous FreeFrame-scanning, setting up automatic formatting, multi-masking, pagination, cropping, etc. Put several objects on the cradle - the system will automatically detect each and create separate files in one scan.
  • The built-in OCR engine. In streaming post-processing mode, ElarScan automatically recognizes text in 50+ languages ​​and creates PDF/A with full-text search capability.
  • Manager of projects and user profiles. The operator can save the selected optimal settings for later use for similar documents. Each started scanning project can be copied to other ElarScan for joint work with common settings, as well as exported (transferred) to another ElarScan at any stage of execution - along with already made scans and post-processing.
  • Post-processing editor. More than 40 built-in filters are available to set up automatic batch post-processing, implemented including in "night" and in the background - including image correction and enhancement, generation of output file formats. The system allows you to set up "hot folders" for collecting and collaborative post-processing of images from multiple devices, including document scanners of other types and manufacturers.

Set of equipment

  • Integrated flat folding glass and reinforced automated cradle with opening angles of lodgments of 90, 120 and 180 degrees
  • Built-in computer with  keyboard, mouse and high-resolution monitor
  • Pre-installed SDI (software for document imaging) "Basic version" to control the basic functions of the scanner.
    For professional work, we recommend SDI (software for document imaging) "Professional version" (optional), which supports a wide range of intelligent functions, project management and user profiles, organization of batch scanning and export of results, post-processing of scanned images using a wide range of filters and algorithms
  • CMOS sensor camera and optics with height adjustment zoom mechanics
  • 4-zone adjustable LED lighting subsystem, UV- and IR-free
  • Foot pedal to start scanning without using the operator's hands

Technical specifications

Scanner type: Large format high resolution planetary scanner
Book cradle: Integrated flat folding glass and reinforced automated cradle with opening angle of 90, 120 and 180 degrees, independent adjustment of lodgments and an adjustable recess for the spine
Max. thickness of originals: 30 cm.
Max. weight of originals: 50 kg.
Max. Format:
  • DIN A1+ (1000×700 mm);
  • DIN A0 (1189 x 841mm) – option only for flat originals
Scan resolution:
  • ElarScan A1-600KS: 300-800 dpi, optically adjustable;
  • ElarScan A1-800KS: 400-1000 dpi, optically adjustable
Scan time: 0.5 sec*, regardless of original size.
Scanning system: Industrial camera with CMOS RGB sensor.
Optical zoom: Manual control of the camera height by mechanics to set the optimal format and optical scanning resolution.
Lighting system: 4-segment adaptive LED repro lighting system without IR and UV radiation. Anti-glare scanning mode to avoid a blind areas from glossy and reflective originals.
  • Widescreen monitor to provide real-time preview and work with the software;
  • Scan start pedal;
  • Control panel.
Enbedded software:
  • SDI (software for document imaging) "Basic version" for ElarScan control;
  • SDI (software for document imaging) "Professional version" (option) includes batch scanning functions, project and user profile management, filters and post-processing procedures, external image import, multilingual OCR and others. Can be installed on a separate computer.
SDI (software for document imaging) "Basic version" functions:
  • Batch scanning of documents, sections or books of various formats;
  • Geometric image correction when scanning with an original opening angle of 90, 120 and 180 degrees;
  • Access to camera software settings and save them in a scan job (Project);
  • Automatic detection of original size;
  • The ability to quickly jump to any scanned image;
  • View thumbnail image of all scans, ability to move the scanned image within the project with automatic re-numbering;
  • Deleting and replacing a failed scanned images;
  • Saving images to hard drive or to a network folder;
  • Auto-naming a files using variables and their combinations:
    • name of computer;
    • counter with the specified number of digits.
  • Scan start:
    • using the scan start button;
    • using software interface.
Additional functions of "Professional version" SDI (software for document imaging):
  • Splitting a scan into two separate pages and then saving it as two separate files;
  • Setting up Projects (jobs) and Profiles, allowing you to optimize the work of the operator;
  • Export/Import of scan Projects in order to preserve and/or transfer the jobs to other ElarScan or PC;
  • Free masking mode (selection of fragments) by real-time live preview;
  • Loading images in JPEG format from external sources by the "Hot folder" mode;
  • Switching from scanning mode to processing mode and vice versa at any time without the need to save current changes in image files;
  • Setting up and applying the ICC profiles;
  • Geometric image correction;
  • Access to camera software settings and save them in a scan Project;
  • Automatic detection of original size;
  • Ability to save raw images;
  • Archiving in ZIP format for sending by e-mail;
  • Saving images in cloud storage;
  • Rich auto-naming of scans using variables and their combinations:
    • Username;
    • image size in pixels;
    • resolution in dpi;
    • date in the format dd.mm.yyyy;
    • counter with the specified number of digits.
  • Starting a scan:
    • manually, through the software interface;
    • by interval (after a specified period of time);
    • using the automatic page turn detection function.
  • OCR to PDF with text layer (support for more than 50 languages);
  • Batch post-processing of uploaded images from external sources;
  • Correction of brightness, contrast, saturation, gamma;
  • Image sharpening;
  • Image alignment;
  • Removing black borders and warps;
  • Removing the background of an image;
  • Removing debris from an image;
  • Removal of background "garbage", noise and spots for b/w images;
  • Scaling as a percentage of the original size;
  • Enlargement, reduction and rotation of the image;
  • Text lines alignment;
  • Clipping borders by the field;
  • Clipping borders by meaningful information - cropping the scan image by text/picture field;
  • Replenishment of edges by adding an extra margin and aligning edges using sheet geometry;
  • Block clearing - deleting an image inside or outside the selected area;
  • Masking the operator's fingers;
  • Light level equalization;
  • Image centering;
  • Applying an electronic stamp to the image;
  • Saving multiple areas of an image as separate files (multi-masking);
  • Rotate by a given angle (multiple of 90 degrees or arbitrary);
  • Mirroring - reflecting the image vertically or horizontally;
  • Converting color and gray images to b/w without losing meaningful information;
  • Inversion of colors;
  • Setting up and preservation of a sequence of image processing operations (processing profiles);
  • Active post-processing mode - applying the processing profiles to coming images;
  • Return to the original image (undo) with the ability to undo all or each individual image processing filters.
File formats: "Basic version" software:
  • JPEG;
  • PNG;
  • TIFF (single and multipage);
  • PDF raster (single and multi-page).
"Professional version" software, additionally:
  • BMP;
  • GIF;
  • JPEG2000;
  • Searchable PDF (single and multi-page);
  • PDF/A (single and multi-page);
  • RTF (single and multi-page);
  • TIFF uncompressed (RAW);
  • TIFF 48 (single and multipage).
Additional modules and accessories:
  • "Professional version" software;
  • Quick-detachable worktop for scanning flat originals to A0 format;
  • Dust covers.
Other: Dimensions: (LxWxH) 1240x1700x2060 mm (1240x2200x2060 mm in working position); Weight: 253,4 kg; Power supply: 220V, 250W.
* — depends on the selected scan settings and the enabled processing and post-processing functions.
We reserve the right to make changes without prior notice. Technical specifications and scope of delivery may vary depending on the region. Contact our authorized sales partner for more information.