ElarScans work at WSB universities in Poland


The group of Polish universities WSB (Higher School of Banking) received new professional planetary scanners ElarScan A2-600R. The digitization of library funds has begun, the volume of which exceeds 50 thousand units.

Planetary scanners are used for digitization in two branches of the Higher School of Banking: in the cities of Toruń and Bydgoszcz. The equipment was supplied, installed and trained by ELAR's authorized partner Elaboro Agnieszka Borowiecka.

According to the director of the WSB library in Toruń, Ms. Anna Delikat, convenient and efficient ElarScan will allow digitizing materials in the required volume and with high quality.

“We have at our disposal a rich collection of books, the circulation of which exceeds 35 thousand copies in Toruń and 18 thousand copies in Bydgoszcz. The WSB also houses cartographic and audiovisual documents, binder sets of over 100 magazine titles.

Convenient convertible cradle and replaceable pressure glasses ElarScan A2-600R allow you to scan different types of historical publications with maximum delicacy”, said Anna Delikat.

The Higher School of Banking (Wyższe Szkoły Bankowe - WSB) is the largest group of private universities in Poland. The first university began its work in 1994, now WSB conducts educational activities in 10 cities in Poland.

The group is pursuing a new modern approach to education: “Whether it's college, graduate school or training, we are working on the idea of ​​balance between work and personal life. The practical knowledge gained from the experts, as well as the openness of our teachers and administrative staff, make studying at WSB a time of experience and an unforgettable adventure”, the university says.