SDI: Scanning management and image processing software

Professional software for managing digitization and batch imaging projects:

  • Best choice for professional processing
  • Variety of hardware and software tools
  • Compliance with modern quality standards
  • Intelligent processing algorithms

The professional version of SDI (software for document imaging) provides an extensive list of tools for efficient scanning work in companies and institutions of various profiles.

Management of ElarScan scanners — Compatibility with all models of ElarScan planetary scanners. Possibility to supply as pre-installed software to perform streaming digitization and complex image processing on the basis of one device.
Automation of key digitization steps — Customize for different document categories and run multiple scanning projects simultaneously. Manage scanning and integrate image preparation, processing, verification and export in a single system.

Availability of advanced image manipulation tools — Several dozens of intelligent algorithms (filters) for various post-processing and image correction, allowing you to significantly improve the quality of original graphic images and bring digital copies to full compliance with the requirements for electronic copies of various purposes in «one click». The system provides efficient stream processing, metadata management and file cataloging.

Expanding scanning equipment capabilities — Single point of entry for centralized processing of images from different scanning devices according to unified parameters. Manual loading of images from external sources or automatic import of files in the «hot folder» mode. Can be installed on an external PC to organize a universal station for working with digital content.

Innovative functionality. One of the most powerful and advanced tools for working with electronic images

Convenient use

Modern, intuitive interface provides easy and clear access to all imaging tools

Post-processing editor

Freely upload files from a variety of sources and perform professional one-click processing with built-in filters

Work automation

Automatic processing during scanning or streaming using preconfigured profiles

One-stop shop for all stages of preparation of digital resources and provision of centralized support for scanning processes

The system allows you to check and process images captured on one or more scanners. With SDI, you can set up a professional digitization center for any complexity of tasks

Direct control of ElarScan scanners

Integrated control

SDI allows you to control all software and hardware functionality of the scanner. It provides setting of scanning modes, start of digitization processes, control of motorized elements (glass, cradle, zoom) and software image processing tools

Intelligent image correction algorithms

Correct geometric distortion after V-scanning, separate pages, correct color — SDI provides many tools to make digitization processes more efficient.

Innovative page bend elimination algorithm removes any limitations when scanning stapled documents

Automatic rotation, line alignment and format trimming make the scanning process as convenient as possible

With the fingerprint masking feature, you can maintain and straighten pages directly during scanning

Place multiple objects on the cradle — the system automatically recognizes, scans and saves each piece to a separate file

Built-in virtual assistants help users of all backgrounds become digitization professionals

Built-in text recognition (50 languages)

SDI has a built-in OCR system for full-text recognition (50 languages) and saving documents in archived PDF/A format with text search capability

Export with output resolution parameters and convert files to various formats: TIFF, JPEG, PDF, etc.

Comparison of basic and professional versions of SDI

SDI Features: Basic version Professional version
General Characteristics
ElarScan scanners support + +
Desktop PC installation +
Intuitive user interface, including advanced tools for working +
Intuitive user interface including basic work tools +
Post–processing mode (more than 30 intelligent algorithms/filters for image correction) +
Project and processing profile management (creating multiple scanning projects) +
OCR full–text recognition +
Barcode recognition +
Image Correction Settings
V–correction function + +
Curvature correction function +
Distortion correction function +
Multimasking, selection of several objects for saving to separate files +
Advanced logic of work with multimasking (autodetection of objects on the screen) +
Automatic cropping of images by format + +
Scanner Management
Manual scan start + +
Automated scanning modes (interval, tracking) +
Interactive optical zoom (displays format, original size, and resolution values — automatically adjusts zoom to the specified scanning parameters) +
Color profiles (ICC) +
Manual selection of scanning formats (A3, A4, A5) + +
Scanning Process Settings
Advanced file naming (using variables) +
Metadata entry by field set and XML generation +
Hot Folder function +
Selection of Export Formats
JPEG + +
JPEG 2000 +
PNG + +
PDF (bitmap), single–page and multi–page + +
PDF (searchable), single–page and multi–page, embedded OCR full–text recognition (50 languages) and text layer generation for searching the text of the document +
PDF/A single and multi–page +
TIFF single–page and multi–page + +
TIFF uncompressed +
TIFF 48 single–page and multi–page +
Metadata entry by field set and XML generation +
Working with Image Gallery
Basic functions (export, rescan, change position, rename, delete) + +
Change resolution + +
Add image to gallery from external directory +
Create folder (customize file structure during scanning) +