Renewed line of ElarScan A2-A0 is now available with new cameras up to 150Mpix


You are standing at the first row of planetary scanners progress. ElarScans are now equipped with new professional cameras of 25, 50, 100 and 150 megapixels, the higher C-800 and C-1000 series allow you to get scans with tremendous resolution of over 1000 ppi - thanks to the unique «interactive optical zoom» feature. The complete improved product range is available for your orders and pre-orders at our authorized ElarScan partners worldwide.

No mechanical shutters, no Windows software inside anymore - the new ElarScans and integrated ScanImage software are now finally Linux-based. Every universal planetary ElarScan scanner comes together with efficient, integrated PC computer and «ScanImage - Basic version» software on default, that supports main scanning functions and allows you to seamlessly work just after ElarScan installation. Be sure to add «ScanImage-Professional» license option if you need the full set of advanced scanning, batch-scan-workflow and rich image post processing features - including dozens of procedures and image filters, OCR etc.

We also proudly present the renewed ElarScans A1 tabletop and the new high-tech floor-standing ElarScan A1/C1-x50KS series - featuring deep 50cm cradle, motorized control of camera position and optical zoom, semi-automatic DIN A1 flip-up flattening glass.

Expanded product range includes both already popular models and new high-resolution configurations C-1000 series with 150MPix cameras. Ask your nearest ElarScan dealer for details and stay tuned for the news!