New cost-effective modification ElarScan A2-400 is now available for customers

CMOS RGB sensors

ElarScan A2-400 is a space-saving overhead scanner with all key featuries of professional scanning devise. New scanner combines ergonomics and simplicity of design with extensive digitization capabilities.

ElarScan A2-400 model is equipped with CMOS RGB sensors with a large depth of field, the ability to pre-process scans in LiveView mode, an autofocusing system and an interactive optical zoom for digital control of the scanning resolution (300-600dpi, optically adjustable).

Integrated adaptive lights provide the high quality of scanning and correct color reproduction.

Integrated adaptive lights

Universal cradle has the ability to open 90, 120 and 180 degrees and is designed to scan originals up to 15 cm thick and weighing up to 15 kg.

ElarScan A2-400 is a ready-for-use devise. Set of equipment also includes computer with pre-installed SDI (software for document imaging).