"N-Com Central Asia" expands sales of high-tech document ElarScan scanners


Today the challenges of digitizing the records and books are not only facing by national archives and library centers, but they became key points for municipalities, courts, universities, public and private enterprises too. The company "N-Com Central Asia" is expanding its activities in Central Asia, supplying equipment and solutions to Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan. New ElarScan models have already started working for important customers.

Today «N-Com Central Asia» works on the series of seminars and demonstrations for Central Asian organizations and enterprises. The newest model of universal planetary scanner ElarScan A2-600RA was delivered to the N-Com showroom in Tashkent, the Republic of Uzbekistan. The scanner allows to digitize in semi-automatic mode - the operator only flips the pages of the original, and pressing with glass, aligning the cradle to the thickness of the book and starting the scan are performed automatically. Two interchangeable flattening glasses: flat and V-shaped - 120 degrees come together with the scanner.

Planetary document ElarScan scanners www.elarscan.uz are unique modern technology, worked out especially for high performing contactless digitization of any documents – from ancient archives to clients’ data in banks, from drawings and newspapers to museum collection pieces. “We offer the whole lineup of ElarScan scanners including the maximum scanning format of A0 with 300-1000 dpi scan resolution. We are glad to introduce the advanced digitizing and data processing technologies to all the professional customers of Uzbekistan and Central Asia, the guests are always welcome,” N-Com General Director Nurridin Habiev mentioned.

N-Com Central Asia Company https://n-com.net/ headquartering in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan has been running more than 10 years on the Republic of Uzbekistan providing conditions for social digitalization, preserving, and promoting history, creating high quality digital copies of original documents with easy and quick access to it.

The company’s staff are high-qualified managers and engineers possessing all the necessary resources for introduction of modern solutions into main spheres of activity, including creation of digital archives, systems of document and databases management, contactless and quick access to data, intellectual centers of data processing and multimedia solutions. The specialists own international certificates.