ElarScan installed in Perlis Library, Malaysia


The professional planetary scanner ElarScan started to work in Perlis, one of the 13 states of Malaysia With the help of ElarScan A2-400KS, the public library plans to digitize its collections and make books available through the electronic "Smart Library".

Perlis State is one of the first states in Malaysia where librarianship in Malaysia originated. The library collects and preserves historical materials written by natives or residents of the state of Perlis and published here. The collection holds works on Malaysian cultural arts, dissertations, student practice reports, drawings, and various important materials that are used as research.

The library provides readers with access to books in electronic format by opening a "Smart Library" for this purpose and equipping it with modern equipment. To expand the fund of the electronic library in 2022, ElarScan A2-400KS was installed in the library with the help of ELAR partners, Peridott Beyond Sdn Bhd.

“This collection is unique and the residents of the state have free access to the literature. With the help of ElarScan A2-400KS, we plan to digitize most of the special collections in our library, - said the director of the library Mr Azizi Bin Janan.- I hope that the State Public Library of Perlis will continue to develop and to make progress in building quality collections for the community. The library will continue to actively promote, encourage and develop reading in Perlis State”.

Some foreign embassies donated for library about 1467 books and it comprise from the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Maldives, Syria, Indonesia, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Various departments, companies, NGOs and individuals have gifted the Islamic religious books for the collection. Today in the library has been placed the Islamic reference collection of 3570 books for reading and user reference.

The first building "Perlis Public Library" was opened in 1969. In 1988, the library moved to a new building, where it is located to the present day. The Perlis Library has access to 45 state and branch libraries in Malaysia. The library's mission is to provide an infrastructure of information and knowledge resources that can be used by all sections of society to advance knowledge.

You can find out more information about library on the website - http://www.perlislib.gov.my
Photos courtesy of Perlis State Public Library