ElarScan in the Fashion world


Universal planetary scanner ElarScan A2 is now in service at MoMu, the famous fashion museum of Antwerp in Belgium. Visitors will scan historical and modern fashion books, museum items for personal collections and studying.

Antwerp's Mode Museum (www.momu.be) is known to everyone whose life is connected with the world of fashion. In September 2021, MoMu reopened to guests after a renovation, expanding exhibition space and public spaces. At the same time, ELAR's partner iGuana (www.iguana-dms.com) installed a professional scanner ElarScan A2-400WU in the museum's library to serve a visitors and to replenish the digital collectionы of MoMu.

"The MoMu collection consists of clothing, accessories and textiles, as well as more unexpected items such as tools, textile machines, sewing patterns and invitations to fashion shows. The Academic Library is a treasure trove of historical and contemporary fashion, textiles including ethnic costumes sought after by Belgian designers and fashion graduates of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. It is important for us to preserve this knowledge in the fashion world and make it more accessible to our guests with ElarScan. There are rare publications in our collection, and the scanner's cradle allows you to save books for the most accurate scanning" - commented Mrs. Ansoms, the Librarian/Digital collections officer.

ElarScan A2-400WU model is a special model with touch-screen monitor for no-mouse/keyboard self-scan by visitors of reading halls of libraries and archives, any public access areas. The scanner operation is very simple, convenient and does not require special skills from the user, allowing fast and efficient digitizing of any materials.

The Mode Museum (www.momu.be) was founded in Antwerp in 2002. In the same year, the first exhibition was presented in the historic ModeNatie building on the Nationalestraat. Since then, MoMu has held two temporary exhibitions every year. The exhibitions are distinguished by their immersive scenography. Visitors can see the exhibits and also immerse themselves in the world of the designer or theme. The exhibition space is completely transformed for each exhibition, making each visit unique.

“Fashion is more than clothing, and more than “fashion”. It’s a prism to look at the world from different angles. One of the roles of a contemporary fashion museum is to push the meaning of the term “fashion” and move beyond the canonized narratives of fashion history. People need a place where fashion is subject to reflection and criticism. A haven to calmly observe the philosophy and dynamics behind fashion, its history and its future. A place to explore what fashion is, and what it does to us” - this is how the museum defines its mission.

The museum hosts the most complete collection of late 20th century Belgian fashion. The collection grows every year through acquisitions, loans, and numerous donations, and now consists of over 35,000 pieces. Museum's library contains more than 15,000 books, archives full of valuable reference materials, as well as hundreds of modern and historical magazines.

photos from MoMu exhibitions www.momu.be
“Rik Wauters & the private utopia in 2016-2017”
“Game Changers. Reinventing in the 20th century silhouette” in 2016