Linia actualizată ElarScan A2-A0, acum cu camere noi de până la 150 MPix
Sunteți în primul rând al progresului în scanerele planetare. Scanerele ElarScan sunt acum echipate cu propriile camere industriale de 26, 50, 100 și 150 megapixeli. Modelele din seriile de top C-800 și C-1000 vă permit să obțineți scanări cu o rezoluție fantastică de peste 1000 ppi - datorită funcției unice „zoom optic interactiv”. Linia actualizată și modele complet noi de scanere planetare universale ElarScan sunt deja disponibile pentru comenzi și precomenzi de la partenerii autorizați din întreaga lume pe:
"N-Com Central Asia" expands sales of high-tech document ElarScan scanners
Today the challenges of digitizing the records and books are not only facing by national archives and library centers, but they became key points for municipalities, courts, universities, public and private enterprises too. The company "N-Com Central Asia" is expanding its activities in Central Asia, supplying equipment and solutions to Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan. New ElarScan models have already started working for important customers.
ElarScan installed in Perlis Library, Malaysia
The professional planetary scanner ElarScan started to work in Perlis, one of the 13 states of Malaysia With the help of ElarScan A2-400KS, the public library plans to digitize its collections and make books available through the electronic "Smart Library".
What does a dream-scanner look like? Download a new ElarScan catalogue
Find an insured harmony of style and performance in our dream-scanners and their new look. We are pleased to present you the new ElarScan-2022 catalogue. Look at the brochure and choose the ElarScan that suits your professional scanning needs.
Collections of museums in Udine (Italy) will be digitized with ElarScan
In the historical castle of the city Udine, the digitization has begun. Using funding from a European project, the city's museums have acquired a universal planetary scanner ElarScan to create the digital collection of photographs, drawings and prints from the 19-20th centuries.
ElarScan în lumea Modei
Scanerul planetar universal ElarScan A2 este acum în serviciu la MoMu, renumitul muzeu de modă din Anvers din Belgia. Vizitatorii au posibilitatea de a scana cărți de modă istorică și modernă precum și articole de muzeu pentru colecții personale și studii.
The new generation of ElarScan through the eyes of French libraries
The largest archival and library edition in France “ArchIMAG” presented new generation of ElarScan professional planetary scanners. We see that new ElarScan A2-600R/RA are most interesting models for French libraries and archives. Via the famous professional mass-media we attracted the attention to the number of especial features of ElarScan family - commented Mr.Mounir AMARA, director of iNumerics company, Paris-France.
ElarScan in Vietnam: Da Nang University digitizes library
Specialists from the leading Vietnam’s university have begun digitizing publications and replenishing the electronic library with the universal planetary scanner ElarScan A2-400KS. The University of Da Nang (University of Education) is one of the TOP-50 higher education institutions of Southeast Asia and one of the largest universities in Vietnam. The fund of his library has 120 thousand volumes, which will be available to students in digital.
Join free on-line seminars and ElarScan demo-sessions!
This summer specialists from several countries already saw ElarScan working live with their own eyes - directly from their laptops. Fill  in any form at  ElarScan website to indicate your digitization task and the ElarScan model that interests you. We and our partners will contact you and invite you to a free online seminar or demo-session