The new generation of ElarScan through the eyes of French libraries


The largest archival and library edition in France “ArchIMAG” presented new generation of ElarScan professional planetary scanners

"We see that new ElarScan A2-600R/RA are most interesting models for French libraries and archives. Via the famous professional mass-media we attracted the attention to the number of especial features of ElarScan family - commented Mr.Mounir AMARA, director of iNumerics company, Paris-France. - The main ones are ability to flatten the archive volumes both by V-shape and flat glass, pre-processing of images using live-view and integrated rich professional software for image processing and scan workflow arrangement - but not only those".

The magazine "ArchIMAG" has 40,000 subscribers and 125,000 unique visitors to the site per year. Once a month, the edition publishes useful materials for anyone interested in and following the development of the library environment. Themes of the June issue of ArchIMAG were the digital transformation of French libraries in the era of COVID-19 and the development of "digital reading".