ElarScan A2/C2-x50 KS

Модел за монтаж на пода с дълбока моторизирана везна. Модификация на модела A2-KS използван за сканиране на масивни документи, книги и архивни папки с дебелина до 50 см и тегло до 50 кг.
ElarScan A2/C2-x50 KS
ElarScan A2/C2-x50 KS
ElarScan A2/C2-x50 KS
ElarScan A2/C2-x50 KS
ElarScan A2/C2-x50 KS
ElarScan A2/C2-x50 KS
ElarScan A2/C2-x50 KS
ElarScan A2/C2-x50 KS
ElarScan A2/C2-x50 KS
ElarScan A2/C2-x50 KS
ElarScan A2/C2-x50 KS

Планетарният скенер ElarScan A2- * 50KS, проектиран за бърза и удобна цветна, сива скала и черно-бяла дигитализация на масивни книги и фолио на архивни файлове, също може да работи в стандартния режим на сканиране за плоски и подвързани оригинали до формат A2 +

Основната характеристика на модификацията * 50KS е напълно автоматизирана, дистанционно управлявана люлка за оригинали с дебелина до 50 см и до 50 кг. Плоското шарнирно стъкло ви позволява ефективно да изравнявате страници дори с такива масивни оригинали.

Дизайнът на оптичната система на скенера включва RGB сензор, позволяващ висококачествена дигитализация с възможност за автоматично фокусиране и автоматично настройване на оригинали с различна дебелина и текстури. Скенерът се предлага с две опции на оптичната система:

  • ElarScan A2-450KS разполага с професионална CMOS RGB 24 MP камера и е идеален за ефективна дигитализация на текстови документи и книги с добро качество.
  • ElarScan A2-650KS разполага с професионална CMOS RGB 50 MP камера, която разширява възможностите за използване на скенера за цифровизация на графики, повредени документи и текстове с ниска контрастност.

ElarScan A2- * 50KS е оборудван с дълбока автоматизирана люлка за сканиране за сканиране на оригинали във формат A2 с дебелина до 50 см и тегло до 50 кг. Люлката се управлява с помощта на дистанционното управление. Плоският стягащ модул, изработен от закалено стъкло с хоризонтален заключващ механизъм, ви позволява удобно и безопасно да изравнявате повърхността на оригиналите, когато сканирате в поточен режим. Ако е необходимо да работите без изравняване на стъкло, то се фиксира във вертикално положение и не пречи на процеса на сканиране.


The scanner operation is extremely simple, convenient and does not require special skills from the user, allowing fast and efficient scanning, processing and transferring any amount of data: user only needs to place the document on the cradle (face up) and start scanning in any of the convenient ways: using the embedded control software, using scan start bottoms on the housing or by the glass plate lowering. The scan time is 0.5 seconds, and the full cycle is up to 4 seconds*, irrespective of the type and size of the originals.

ElarScan A2-*50KS is a fully autonomous device with feature-rich embedded software for mass scanning and subsequent processing of electronic images. Electronic images are saved directly to the scanner memory, an external USB drive, or immediately to the network (to an employee’s personal station, server or cloud storage).

Functional and technical features of ElarScan A2-*50KS provide scanner versatility, the ability to scan almost any bound and flat documents of the format up to A2 +.

One of the most important advantages of ElarScan A2-*50KS is its price: the scanner is one of the most inexpensive A2+ format planetary scanners on the market with no consumables that should be changed during operation. Therefore, the scanner is extremely cost-effective with high degree of reliability during intensive operation, and a set of functional features, technical and operational characteristics and software capabilities in the basic configuration puts it several levels higher than its closest competitors.

ЭларСкан А2-*50КС

ElarScan A2-*50KS is a standalone scanning device that can operate without connection to a workstation. The scanner can save the received images to external USB drives or to network folders due to the six built-in USB ports and the Gigabit Ethernet network interface.

ElarScan А2-*50KS has a camera with high resolution CMOS RGB sensor with high depth of definition and a macro module, which allows digitization of small objects and individual areas of the originals with high optic resolution without software interpolation. To ensure accurate focusing of the optical system on non-contrast originals, the scanner has a built-in laser module for focus area illumination. The scanned original is displayed in real time on a FHD widescreen monitor.

The scanner has an adaptive LED repro type illumination system that does not have harmful ultraviolet and infrared effects on the originals and ensures even distribution of light on the surface of the original. The illumination system used in ElarScan enables almost complete elimination of ambient light, glares and shadows even when using glass plates. The illumination system is activated during scanning, but it can be set to a constant mode. The lamps offer an option of adjusting the light stream direction.

The built-in original hold-down system with a flat fold-back tempered glass plate and a fixing mechanism in the horizontal and vertical position allows for effective evening out of the originals’ surfaces.


ElarScan A2-*50KS is equipped with an A2+ format deep automated book cradle. Thanks to this, any types of originals up to A2+ can be digitized on the scanner: from a flat document to especially valuable and shabby books up to 50 cm thick and up to 50 kg in weight. The cradle has an independent automatic adjustment of the position of the panels, which guarantees careful handling of the originals when scanning.

With the flattening glass raised, the cradle can be used in a V-shape with opening angles of 180, 120 and 90 degrees for scanning originals with incomplete opening.

Embedded software

The high quality, high color accuracy and absence of geometrical distortions of electronic images when scanning on ElarScan A2-*50KS results from two main factors: modern optical system and rich embedded software processing capabilities.

The embedded ScanImage software is a complete set of tools that control all stages of digitization: scanning, image processing, quality control and indexing of images. There is a possibility of administering and controlling the users’ work, there is a configurable file directory structure, and also control of the usage statistics.

More about ScanImage software...

Technical specification

Scanner type
  • Planetary scanner
  • Self-service principle (by user)
  • Standalone system with built-in computer
  • Desktop installation

Scan system

ElarScan А2-450KS — industrial CMOS RGB camera

ElarScan А2-650KS — industrial CMOS RGB camera

Max. format

A2++ (660 x 450 mm) for flat originals without using the glass plate

A2+ (625 × 420 mm).

Color depth (scan)

In color - 42 bits

In grayscale - 14 bits

Black and white - 1 bit

Color depth (save)

In color - 24 bits

In grayscale - 8 bits

Black and white - 1 bit

Scan time

0.5 sec irrespective of the original size

Full cycle time *

4 sec irrespective of the original size

Scan resolution

ElarScan А2-450KS — 300 – 600 dpi

ElarScan А2-650KS — 400 - 800 dpi

Embedded software functions
  • Batch scanning of documents, sections or books of various formats, providing stream download of image files of documents;
  • Automatic loading of images from external sources by hot-folder scenario;
  • Switch from scan mode to process mode and back at any time without having to save the current changes for downloaded files;
  • Automatic geometric image correction for scanning with opening angles from 90° to 180° degrees inclusive;
  • Set up of scan and image processing profiles that optimize the work done by operator;
  • Export / import scan profiles to save and restore settings;
  • Access camera software settings and save them in the scan profile;
  • Automatic detection of the original format;
  • Ability to quickly switch and open any scanned image;
  • View a thumbnail image of all scans;
  • Ability to move the scanned image within the project with automatic numbering;
  • Automatically split the spread into two separate pages and then save as two separate files;
  • Free masking mode during live preview;
  • White balance and ICC-profiles setting;
  • Removal and replacement of unsuccessfully scanned images;
  • Save images to the hard drive;
  • Save images to a network folder;
  • Archive to ZIP format for sending scanned images by e-mail;
  • Save images to cloud storage;
  • Ability to set-up for auto-naming files using the variables;
  • Start scan options:
    • Manually, through the software interface;
    • By interval (after a specified period of time);
    • By automatic page flip detection function;
  • Barcode recognition on the scanned document, using the code for file naming;
  • PDF recognition for context search (supports more than 50 languages);
Electronic image processing
  • Processing downloaded images from external sources, including multi-page images in MTIFF and PDF formats
  • Correction of brightness, contrast, saturation, gamma;
  • Sharpness correction: image enhancements;
  • The alignment of the images;
  • Remove black borders and warps;
  • Remove image background;
  • Remove debris from image;
  • Automatic removal of optical "debris", noise and stains;
  • Scaling as a percentage of the original size;
  • Zoom in, zoom out and rotate the image;
  • The alignment of the lines;
  • Crop borders on the field;
  • Crop borders by meaningful information: crop an image by text and other meaningful information on it;
  • The alignment of the edges by adding additional fields and the alignment edges using the geometry of the sheet;
  • Cleaning a block: delete the image inside (outside) the selected area;
  • Masking the fingers of the operator;
  • Equalisation of light level;
  • Centering an image;
  • Applying an electronic stamp on scanned images;
  • Saving multiple image areas into separate files (multi-masking);
  • Rotate at a specified angle (multiple of 90 degrees or arbitrary);
  • Mirror image: mirror the image vertically or horizontally;
  • Convert color and gray images to black and white without losing meaningful information;
  • Color inversion;
  • Saving of image processing profiles;
  • Active mode of processing profiles (applying settings to all new images);
  • Return to the original image with the ability to cancel the application of all or each individual image processing filter;
Control interface
  • Dust and moisture protected control panel with LED indication and two fast scan start buttons;
  • Widescreen monitor for real-time preview and work with the scanner software;
  • Additionally, integrated buttons to control the macro module;
Start scan options:
  • scan start button
  • using the embedded software interface
  • by interval (after a specified period of time)
  • by automatic page flip detection function
  • by the glass plate lowering
File saving
  • direct recording to USB 2.0 - 3 ports, USB 3.0 - 3 ports;
  • by sending to the network directory through the connection via the Gigabit Ethernet interface;
Characteristics of originals

up to 50 kg weight

up to 50 cm thick

File formats
  • BMP;
  • GIF;
  • JPEG;
  • JPEG2000;
  • PNG;
  • CR2 (RAW);
  • TIFF (single and multi-page);
  • RTF (single and multi-page);
  • PDF (single and multi-page);
  • PDF/A (single and multi-page).
Book cradle
  • automated V-shaped book cradle with independent manual adjustment of the angle of inclination of the panels;
  • cradle panels with automated independent adjustment and remote control;
  • flat hinged tempered glass plate with the manual drive and the fixing mechanism in horizontal and vertical position;
Additional modules and accessories
  • dust-proof covers
  • the sensor monitor (recommended when using the scanner as a “self-service stand”)
  • Wi-Fi wireless interface (802.11a/b/g/n)
  • external CD/DVD drive
  • standard warranty: 12 months, starting from the date of equipment installation;
  • extended warranty: 24 months, starting from the date of equipment installation.

dimensions: (LхWхH) – 1200х1440х1980 mm

weight: 180 kg

power: 220 V, 250 W;

* — Indicated time depends on the selected settings and the post-processing functions used; The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in the design and configuration of the product that do not reduce the quality and technical characteristics of the equipment.