ElarScan C-800

Special series of universal
planetary scanners
with 100 MPix photosensor

ElarScan C-800 series is specially designed for contactless planetary digitization applications requiring maximum details and uncompromising image quality:

  • Digitization of unique documents and historical items
  • Creation of digital collections of museum rarities
  • Scanning manuscripts and old books
  • Master files for the preservation of historical heritage
  • Digital master files for restoration work
  • Projects of national and regional digitizing centers

Modern high-resolution 100 Mpix CMOS sensors provides 400 ppi detail according to the ISO-1926451 quality standard for full DIN A1 format. C2-800xx models provide higher then ISO 500 ppi for full DIN A2 format.

All ElarScan models of the C-800 series provide high-quality scanning of high resolution 1000 ppi (ISO-1926451) for originals up to DIN A4 + in size.

Advantages of ElarScan universal planetary scanners:

  • Any documents and objects up to DIN A2, A1 and A0 formats
  • Pre-processing of future scans from live image in real time
  • FreeFrame technology with up to 20 files in one scan
  • ISO-19264-1 quality for 300, 400, 500 and 1000 ppi images for originals from DIN A0 to DIN A4 +
  • Interactive motorized optical zoom up to 2x resolution (for ElarScan C2xx)
  • Adjustable 2/4-segment repro-style illuminators without IR and UV for tuning to specific objects
  • Deep universal cradles, hand and motorized models
  • Integrated 3D laser correction of curvature and geometry of pages "on the fly"
  • Ready-to-use integrated scanners with built-in PC and professional software
  • Made by digitizing professionals with 30 years of experience

Model range of ElarScan series С-800

Model C2-800 KS C2-800 R C2-800 RA C2-850 KS C1-800 C1-800 KS
Application Semi-automatic scanning with flip-down pressure glass and motorized cradle Replaceable flat and V-shaped flattening glasses, manual lift-up/down Auto scan with replaceable glasses, motorized cradle, automatic lift-up/down Deep (up to 50 cm in height) motorized cradle, semi-automatic with flip-up flattening glass, floor-standing Universal large format desktop integrated scanner DIN A1 and more Semi-automatic with flip-up flattening glass DIN A1, motorized cradle, freestanding
Max scan area DIN А2+ (625 mm x 420 mm)
DIN A2++ (660 mm x 450 mm) for flat originals without using the glass plate
DIN A1 (900 mm x 600 mm)
DIN A0 (1189×841 мм) - optional
Scan resolution Full format DIN A2: 500 ppi
DIN A4+: 1000 ppi
Full format DIN A1: 400 dpi
DIN A0 (опция): 300 dpi
DIN A4+: 1000 dpi
Lighting Adjustable UV / IR-free LED illuminators, 3-zone lighting system including adaptive reproduction side lights Adjustable LED illuminators, no UV / IR radiation, 4-zone lighting system
Scan system No pre-scan; online image pre-processing by LiveView; Macro-mode with motorized optical zoom x2,0; FreeFrame technology 20 images to scan at once; integrated industrial CMOS-camera, scan time less 0.5 sec any format
Control Integrated Intel© based PC with Microsoft© Windows10; touch cockpit; embedded professional «ELAR ScanImage» batch scan/processing software full version
Optional Dust/overlight cover; Footswitch for scan start Extension table for flat originals A0 (1189×841 мм)
Main unit dimensions, mm (DxWxH) , weight 940 x 840 x 1130, 69кг 900 x 780 x 1120, 87 кг 940 x 840 x 1130,84 кг 1000 x 1030 x 1980, 180 кг 950 x 1090 x 1260, 80 кг 1240x 1700 x 2060, 254 кг
Operating (DxWxH), 940 х 1800 х 1130 900 х 1800 х 1120 940 х 1800 х 1130 1200 х 1440 х 1980 980 х 1920 х 1260 1240 х 2200 х 2060
* We reserve the right for changes without notice. Specifications and delivery set can vary depending on region. Contact our sales partner for details.